Shaken, not stirred – this is how alcoholic solutions, the ZIEGLER logoplex® drops, are formed from basic substances of herbal, mineral or animal origin in accordance with binding manufacturing regulations. These drops of ZIEGLER homeopathic remedies are manufactured in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB). This shows very precisely the individual steps after which a basic substance becomes a homeopathic remedy. First, the “mother tincture” is produced from the respective basic substances, dissolved in high-proof alcohol. The mother tincture forms the basis for further processing, the gradual potentiation (from the Latin “potentia” – effect). A medicinal complex is created by joining (mixing) different components. Before joining, these are each individually “potentiated” to the desired potency level, as provided for in the recipe in question. Logoplex® drops have different alcohol contents. These result from the varying alcohol concentrations in the mother tincture, the respective potency level and the number of components in the drug complex. Like all other homeopathic remedies in the ZIEGLER logoplex ® series, logoplex® drops as active ingredient complexes also focus on strengthening and retuning the animal organism in order to convey the impulse and power for self-regulation. A broad spectrum of the disease is covered by mutually promoting and partially overlapping fields of action within the drug. An inappropriate choice of means or the multiple, successive administration of different means can thus be avoided.


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