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All our medications are pharmacy-only drugs – in other words available only in pharmacies!
Orders exclusively through your veterinary practice or pharmacy!

Active ingredients per 100 g (= 100 ml)

Acidum formicicum dil. D4 6.0 g
Aconitum napellus dil. D4 3.0 g
Atropa bella-donna dil. D4 3.0 g
Baptisia tinctoria dil. D4 3.0 g
Cinchona pubescens Dil. D4 3.0 g
Crataegus dil. D4 3.0 g
Eupatorium perfoliatum dil D4 3.0 g
Lycopodium clavatum dil D4 3.0 g
Thuja occidentalis dil. D4 6.0 g
Umckaloabo dil. D4 3.0 g
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria dil. D4 6,0

Other ingredients: Ethanol, purified water. Note: Medicinal product contains 49 % alcohol by volume.

For oral consumption. Depending on the animal species, the single dosage is:
Horses, cattle 3 x 60 drops
Calves, pigs 3 x 40-60 drops
Large dogs 3 x 40 drops
Medium-sized dogs, sheep, goats 3 × 30 drops
Small dogs, cats 3 × 20 drops
Small pets 2 x 10 drops
Poultry 100 ml per 100 litres of drinking water
Depending on the severity and progression of illness 5-7 days. Do not administer once the animal has fully recovered. Withdrawal period Horses, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats Edible tissue 0 days Horses, cattle, sheep, goats Milk 0 days Poultry Eggs 0 days Areas of application Registered homeopathic medicine product, therefore without therapeutic indication. Conduct a veterinary examination before administering. In case of persistent symptoms during application consult your veterinary surgeon.

None known.

Particular precautions for use:

No indication.
Interactions Homoeopathic medicinal products are no different from other medicinal products in that combined use may prompt interactions. Please consult your veterinary surgeon if you intend to use IMMU-logoplex® drops concomitantly with another medicinal product. Side effects None known. Note: treatment with a homeopathic medicinal product may temporarily lead to a worsening of prevalent symptoms (initial deterioration). In case of any doubt please consult your veterinary surgeon. Please inform your veterinary surgeon or pharmacist if your animal experiences a side effect not listed in the package leaflet. Use during pregnancy and lactation There are no analysis data available on the tolerability of IMMU-logoplex® drops among pregnant and nursing animals. Homoeopathic medicinal products are no different from other medicinal products in that you should consult your veterinary surgeon before administration to pregnant or nursing animals. Information and data on the medicinal product shelf life Do not use the medicinal product after the expiry data printed on the outer label and container. Do not store above 25°C. Keep medicinal products out of reach for children.

1x 100ml, 5x 100ml

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