Things to know

Sustainability graphic above explained again in detail:

Homeopathics consist of natural occurrences of the plant, animal and mineral sector. Whenever possible, medicinal plants and herbal ingredients are obtained from organic farming. Thus, only high-quality and comprehensively tested starting materials are used.

Careful production in accordance with the binding rules of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (HAB) ensures consistent, high quality. In addition, no harmful wastewater or residual materials are already produced during production.

The amounts of drugs necessary for therapy do not leave any residues in organs, tissues and excretions in the treated animal body.

Thus, residues in the near-surface groundwater caused by “naturally proven veterinary medicines” are also excluded.

” unpolluted – from nature back into nature.”

This sustainability is becoming more and more anchored in the consciousness of users. The therapeutic safety of our medicines, the economy of use due to small quantities of medicine, the elimination of waiting times for food-producing animals and uncontaminated food make the use of these medicines not only much more contemporary, but also increasingly necessary. . This is also a more than up-to-date alternative for small animal owners.