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The use of homeopathic preparations in veterinary medicine has a long and successful tradition. As contemporary, natural, side-effect free remedies, the homeopathics distributed by ZIEGLER are specially adapted to animals. Injection solutions, drops for administration and globules are available. The main focus of the medicines offered is on logoplexes®, combinations of individual remedies whose fields of action overlap and complement each other.

Ecologically valuable and sustainable, they are convincing more and more users to treat their small and large animals with them. Especially where farm animals are used for the production of food, this form of therapy has become indispensable for animal owners.

The advantages are obvious:

With this gentle alternative to chemically defined pharmaceuticals, treatment can be carried out without residues and without waiting times. Economic therapeutic success is guaranteed by the small quantities of drugs and the preservation of uncontaminated foodstuffs.

Almost all medicines in the ZIEGLER product range are composed of substances from plant, animal and mineral sources and are returned to the natural cycle. Careful, hand-shaken production from controlled, high-quality

and natural ingredients characterize homeopathics and ensure consistently high quality. This approach is not aimed at fighting diseases and their triggers, such as bacteria and viruses. Rather, it focuses on strengthening and re-tuning the organism of small and large animals.

Please always note: All information and advice does not replace a visit to the veterinary or therapist, because he knows your animal and its environment and will find together with you the appropriate treatment approach.




All our medications are pharmacy-only drugs – in other words available only in pharmacies!
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