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These days the routine work of veterinary medicine practices is inconceivable without natural, time-proven and especially homeopathic veterinary medicine products: the importance of short treatment periods and economic constraints should not be underestimated, especially in food production and intensive livestock farming. Economic efficiency has been one of the principles behind the success of homeopathy in veterinary medicine.

ZIEGLER GmbH has specialised in homeopathic veterinary medicine products for over 25 years and is now among the leading manufacturers. Working hand in glove with vets and therapists, these past decades have seen the emergence of indications and therapy concepts based on countless treatments and experiences that have proven reliable in many situations of day-to-day work.

We will use the following pages to provide you with current information on almost 100 homeopathic formulations to ensure the economical and contemporary treatment of small and large animals in veterinary medicine and husbandry, using therapeutic products that have stood the test of time.


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