logoplex® – combined medicinal products – gentle treatment without a withdrawal period

logoplex® products are combined medicinal products specifically tailored to treat animals 'logically', meaning they belong to a certain field of effectiveness (also: 'complex' medicinal products). They consist of high-quality plant, mineral and animal ingredients, the development of which Franz Ziegler initiated over 25 years ago. ZIEGLER combined medicinal products that have long since proven popular and effective in the treatment of diseased animals, based on their overwhelming therapeutic success and widespread acceptance within the veterinary medical and farming community.

Combined medicinal products form complex agents by grouping individual homoeopathic remedies (mono-agents) with similar effects and those with overlapping effects. They provide therapists with the opportunity rapidly and safely to treat diseased organ systems, as the various individual components of the medicinal product selected cover a broad spectrum of the disease and act in synergetic harmony. logoplex® products are particularly suitable for the treatment of systemic diseases and symptoms that manifest themselves with particular frequency among animals.