logoplex® beads – spherical power

logoplex® beads are combined homoeopathic medicinal products for oral administration, manufactured by applying a medicinal fluid to saccharine beads.

The ZIEGLER logoplex® beads presented below have been specifically developed for pets and small animals and their most frequent illnesses. The small white beads consist exclusively of natural products found in the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms; their careful production, hand-mixing and rubbing according to Hahnemann's binding rules of producing decimal potencies, guarantees the consistently high quality of the medicinal products we offer.

For therapists, logoplex® beads provide a simple and safe means of healing diseased organ systems in small animals: They address the reasons for an illness and save the owner from investing in expensive aftercare involving (even) more medicinal agents.

Arnica-logoplex® BEADS - Information

Homeopathic medicinal product. For animals. (dogs, cats, pets)
Beads for oral consumption.

10 g beads contain: medically active ingredients: arnica montana D4 0-63 g, achillea millefolium D5 0.63 g, aconitum napellus D4 0.63 g, atropa belladonna D4 0.63 g, bellis perennis D4 0.63 g, bryonia D4 0.63 g, calendula officinalis D4 0.63 g, chamomilla recutita D5 0.63 g, echinacea D4 0.63 g, hamamelis virginiana D3 0.63 g, hepar sulfuris D6 0.63 g, hypericum perforatum D4 0.63 g, mercurius solubilis hahnemanni D8 0.63 g, rhus toxicodendron D6 0.63 g, ruta graveolens D2 0.63 g, symphytum officinale D8 0.63 g. (Vs. 10 / 40a HAB)

Dosage instructions, form and duration of administration:

administer orally to suit species and bodyweight unless otherwise instructed:

Dogs, cats. . . . . . . . . . . 5-10 beads
Pets. . . . . . . . . . . . . 2- 5 beads

Administer beads orally or dissolved with drinking water. For acute illnesses: Administer the medicinal product 2-3 times daily over 4-5 days, depending on the severity and progression of the illness. For chronic illnesses: Administer 1-2 times over 4-6 weeks, depending on the severity and progression of illness.

Areas of application:
Registered homoeopathic medicinal product, therefore without therapeutic indication.


Do not administer to animals intended for food production!

Interactions with other Active ingredients:
None known.

Homoeopathic initial reactions can occur when treating chronic illnesses; this may be accompanied by a temporary worsening of symptoms. This phenomenon is quite safe and in general does not mean any deterioration in the progression of illness. Please consult the attending veterinary surgeon if you have any concerns.

Keep medicinal products out of the reach of children. Only sold in pharmacies.

1 x 10 g
6 x 10 g

Effective for:
The ingredients of this medicinal product are described in vet. hom. literature for the treatment of: injuries of manifold origins and their consequences, wounds and injuries to the muscles, bones, periosteum, blood vessels, nervous and connective tissue. For trauma, distortion, contusions, arthritis, haemorrhaging. As a supportive measure before and after surgery and for accident patients. To treat overexertion.

The benefits of logoplex® therapy at a glance:

no withdrawal period

no problematic residue

no side-effects

no resistance

no proscriptions on supply to the dairy industry

extremely well tolerated, also by young, old or weakened animals

high efficacy

can be administered concomitantly with conventional pharmaceuticals

no laborious search for suitable individual medicinal products

targeted use to match the ailment

proven effects on acute and chronic diseases, inflammations and injuries